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Fall chapter break
Fall chapter break

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Between Gears

A daily comic diary about my last year in college.


Done but not over

I just completed Between Gears; you can read it on Blogger

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Thank you to my readers for all of your interest, feedback, and encouragement throughout the two years that I have been drawing Between Gears and posting it here. This has been an extremely enjoyable project, and it's largely thanks to your positive involvement. I hope that I have been able to give you a satisfying comic! I have many more projects planned and in the works, so I hope that you will stick with me in my future ventures. :)

Thank you to everyone who graciously allowed me to use their likenesses in the comic. Your faces are a relief to see and were a relief to draw in a sea of panels of my face. I hope that I remembered our times together properly.

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Come on, Tally!!

YES, there are new pages coming! I apologize for the one-page update weeks, and this week's zero new pages. My excuse is that I worked full-time for 3 weeks, and I am moving this weekend (so the last 3 weeks have been full of apartment shopping, paperwork, etc.). I will be moved in next week, and looking for work but presumably I will have a ton of free time on my hands.

I am committed to finishing Between Gears as soon as possible (I have nightmares that the calendar year will lap me before I get to June!), so look for many new pages this month.

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Oh hay!

I created a Formspring, so feel free to visit and ask me questions if you like! <3

To be honest, I will be more likely to answer if the question is funny or deals with art :P

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Smack Jeeves Awards

Thank you so much to whoever nominated me for a Smack Jeeves Award!

Between Gears is up for Best Autobiographical, alongside some really great comics. Check it out:

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Check out Between Gears on Blogger
and Online Comics

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